Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the Spring Horizon

KM's Birthday Party will be on Saturday April 2nd at approx 1pm (I think). We have updated and fixed the Wish Lists on the blog for the items we're thinking she may like want. We did not realize the published wish lists were not the ones we were updating.

Our camper is on order; and it has been for about 6 weeks now. We hope to have it by May 12th.

KJ is still scheduled to go to Johns Hopkins Medical Center on April 20th, for his Neurosurgery Appointment. He continues to develop and enjoy life just like any other kid. In fact his take apart and put back together skills are amazing for his age. An engineer at heart just like his daddy I guess. It continues to boggle us on whether or not his issue is in fact threatening to him, but it's just so hard to know, and be willing to take the risk to find out. Which is the sentiments of the Dr. he is going to see; and I trust Dr. Phillipe Gailloude is the expert on the subject after all our research to find him.

This winter has been long, and exhausting. But it looks like it's on its way out. Due to the way the roads had to be cared for this year; it resulted in some tough times on our cars. A Windsield (or two) later, and a few other mechanical or electrical issues at inspection time; and we're back in business. The cost to keep a car on the road in this environment is not fair; so enjoy it those of you further south.

Work has been good, but the recent announcements by the state, regarding the state budget, and it's impact on public education has caused alot of unrest. It seems that momma nut and I are probably in the safe zone, but many are not. And they are our friends and collegues, so it's going to be an emotional roller coaster until its over.

So there you have it! Let the sun shine, and Keep on Truckin!

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